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Interpret Europe web conference

Mouth- and eye-opening gastronomic heritage interpretation.

Entrepreneurs become heritage ambassadors


Getting local entrepreneurs to (co-)create meaningful and memorable heritage experiences for visitors is not obvious. Often the two supposedly opposite sectors of business and heritage refer to each other as speaking another language. They get lost in translation. How can local entrepreneurs be real heritage ambassadors? Gastronomic heritage interpretation can be an eye and mouth opener… The story of a place goes through the stomach. Using Belgian examples, we reflect on the dos and don’ts of involving and enabling local entrepreneurs in hospitality and food craftsmanship to create sustainable touristic heritage experiences. Food connects us with the place and each other. A recipe of trial and error with a mouthwatering climax.

Interpret Europe web conference
1-4 october 2021

Spreker ICOM Vlaanderen over museumcatering (2016)


JCI-conference “Food for Generations”
Bruges 2022

A Taste of Eternity


De Foodarcheoloog is fed up with reburying archaeological stories in dusty depots and boring reports. Get to know the long-lost story of our ancestors’ daily survival in medieval Bruges and its outports. A story that is more present than ever.

Ingredients thought to be lost, faded food traditions, bygone rituals and cooking techniques that had almost gone up in smoke led De Foodarchaeoloog to innovative creations with a story about the past and a message for the future.

The universal binding property of food over borders of time and culture, create an ideal common ground to start a collab with local food entrepreneurs.

A recipe for a mouthwatering story flavored with exclusive drinks and bites.

Bruges 2022


International Ethnological Food Research Conference: Food, people and the city
MAS Antwerpen 2022

Fresh from the cesspool of history


Get a taste of how the glorious melting pot of hybrid food practices op 16th and 17th Antwerp was based on exploitation.

Undignified food, as slave sugar and spices, were lucrative cargo goods for the wealthy trader family Ximenez and were spilled on the markets of the hungry city. Unsuspecting fisher family Lambrechts bought them to flavour their festive dishes. The remains ended in their cesspit and inspired De Foodarcheoloog to a mind opening dish.

In search of dignified food systems today, we get a taste of history.
What can we learn of other cultures over the borders of ethnicity and time.

A tasting that kicks conscience and opens the dialogue of undignified food practices than and today.

How archaeology can make a connection between soil and soul.

MAS Antwerpen 2022